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Social Media Management Services

Are you searching for the most effective Social Media Marketing services in the USA to increase your company’s brand recognition and increase the number of new customers and traffic to your website? Whatever way you choose for social media management services using the assistance of a marketing company or a toolkit, you need to know more than just the definition. You need to know what it is and how to ensure your business’s success.

This guide will provide all you require to know about getting started with managing your social media accounts. Continue reading to get started. You can also go ahead and boost your social media presence today by using Our Social Media Management Services. Contact us online or call us at 239-205-2629

Social Media Marketing Services
social media management services

Social Media Services In Today's World

Social media has been a significant force in the world since its inception. The number of users on social media has increased to more than 4 billion (which is double the amount they had in the year 2015!). On average, users have at least eight different social media accounts, and they’re not just logging on and are making use of them! According to the most recent data, the most prominent platforms, like Facebook, had more than 50% of the monthly active users using Facebook each day. The number of users using social media isn’t the only thing to have changed.

The way that people use social media has evolved also! It was initially designed to allow family and friends to get together and connect online. However, it’s developed into far more than it was. Today, it’s still primarily used to communicate with family and friends, but it’s also an opportunity for companies and consumers or leads to get connected.

Take note of these figures. 71% of people who experienced a positive social media interaction with the brand were more likely to refer it to friends and family, and 21% of people are more likely to purchase from brands they can connect with via social media. Social media platforms are now becoming e-commerce platforms and a crucial part of the marketing funnel to build connections.

Pricing Packages

Choose Your Best Plan



Per Website
  • Paid Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Page Setup & Management
  • 10 Post Monthly (Social Media)
  • 1 Short Animation Video
  • Community Management
  • Content Calendar
  • Content Strategy



Per Website
  • Paid Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Page Setup & Management
  • 20 Post Monthly (Social Media)
  • 2 Short Animation Video
  • Community Management
  • Content Calendar
  • Content Strategy



Per Website
  • Paid Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Page Setup & Management
  • 30 Post Monthly (Social Media)
  • 4 Short Animation Video
  • Community Management
  • Content Calendar
  • Content Strategy

What Can A Social Media Management Campaign Do For My Business?

Please look at the number of people we have said are on social media. With the speed of growing social media, it is likely to have a significant portion of your audience that you want to reach using these platforms.

Management of social media services aids you in placing strategically designed social media content or social ads right in front of the users when they’re scrolling and consuming their time. It provides your company with extensive, targeted, and valuable exposure.

If you use social media management tools efficiently, you increase your reach quality traffic, and conversions.

What is a conversion? Conversions could be a successful sale or lead, form completed, or any other thing you consider to be a worthwhile measure on your website. In general, conversions are what you refer to as the final desired result you want to see from your social media campaigns. It’s crucial to establish your objectives first to design the social media advertising strategy according to your purposes!

social media management services

How Important Is It For Your Business To Be Active On Social Media Platforms?

If you’ve been on social media for some time in the past, you’ve likely been a part of an advertisement or post from a business’s page. An ad, especially in the case of a company that you liked! Your target audience isn’t different. They love engaging with brands they like and trust. But how do you build that trust among consumers?

It is the point where social media marketing, also known as SMM promotion, enters. This particular digital marketing method is designed to boost brand awareness and establish trust with customers by establishing a solid web presence and social channels for the business. What exactly is a social media platform for businesses similar to yours? Let’s look at these numbers.


With more than two billion users per day, Facebook is a massive social media site. It’s why agencies offering the management of social media do not just specialize in Facebook but will also suggest Facebook due to its popularity and range.

  1. Facebook gives you access to different groups of people, including youth and seniors, females and males. In addition, over half of adults living in the U.S. use Facebook every day. It allows you to connect with different types of targeted groups.
  2. Facebook is valid for creating relationships with current and potential customers from a management standpoint. It also helps build brand loyalty, which could help in future purchases.
  3. One of the most significant benefits of Facebook is the fact that it has an array of advertisements and formats for content, from pictures and videos to texts. Plus, it is beneficial for over 40 percent of business-to-business (B2B) marketing. It has brought new customers.
  4. You should expect to utilize Facebook as part of your social media marketing strategy, whatever your business or goals.
social media management services
social media management services twitter


At 330 million monthly active users, Twitter doesn’t offer the same impact as Facebook. However, it does provide your business access to a large group of users who engage with brands regularly. Depending on your audience, it’s a benefit. Find out more about Twitter to market your business on social media:

  1. Just 25 percent of U.S. adults use Twitter. However, Twitter offers users a competitive experience between the ages of 18 and 29. Over 40 percent of Twitter users fall into the same age group. They’re also more likely to use the site frequently throughout the day.
  2. In contrast to Facebook, Twitter focuses more on the news. It also focuses on two-way communication between users, regardless of whether they’re consumers or brands. If you’re looking to connect with your customers, Twitter is an excellent alternative.
  3. One benefit of Twitter is that it is active and willing to interact with others. Twitter also caters to a particular segment of people, which is useful when people who are aged 18-29 are your targeted market.
  4. Twitter isn’t a perfect fit for every business. However, it can provide benefits to specific industries.


With more than a billion people using it each month, Instagram has become a brand-new benchmark for Social Media Management services. Its focus on photos and videos makes it easier for businesses to think of innovative ways to attract and engage their users.

  1. Instagram is an ideal platform for connecting with people aged 18 to 29 and between 30 and 49. More than 70% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 are on Instagram, and for those aged between 30 and 49, that number is more than 50%.
  2. Similar to Facebook, Instagram is useful to build a connection with customers and engage users. Based on your industry, it is also possible to use Instagram to attract new leads. It is why entertainment, retail, and beauty companies frequently use the platform.
  3. The benefit of Instagram is that users are eager to make use of the platform. It is why over 60% of them check it out frequently throughout the day, which raises the likelihood that people are not just viewing your posts but also interacting with them.
  4. Instagram is a must-have platform to incorporate into your social media plan for specific segments.
social media management services Instagram
social media management services LinkedIn


The largest professional social network, LinkedIn offers access to over 774 million people. It’s the perfect platform for companies looking to find candidates to work with and establish their status as industry leaders.

  1. LinkedIn is a well-liked platform for college graduates. More than half of them utilize the platform. Furthermore, 90 percent of LinkedIn users also use Facebook. It is a great benefit when your strategy is based on both platforms.
  2. Similar to Twitter, LinkedIn is helpful to share news-related content like announcements by companies or specific news about industries. It also assists in building relations with other businesses and establishing your brand through content marketing.
  3. LinkedIn has a variety of advantages for companies, particularly B2B-related operations. For B2B leads that come from social media, more than 80 percent are generated through LinkedIn. Over 60 percent of marketing professionals agree that LinkedIn is the most efficient platform for their company.
  4. LinkedIn could offer several benefits based on your objectives, your business, and your market.

The Benefits Of Social Media Management Services

Improve Your Credibility as A Brand

The major fact that you have a social media presence can help increase the credibility of your brand. Suppose your business doesn’t possess a Facebook or Twitter profile but isn’t regularly updated or optimized for performance. In that case, it can have the same effect as an office space that’s vacant and accumulating dust.

It doesn’t create a positive impression, doesn’t help to establish trust with prospective customers, and can cause people to question whether your business is operating. That’s because “checking out your social media” is a component of the process of research for buyers in the present.

That shows how important social media is for companies today. Work with a Social media management services company like ViseTech Marketing to take your social media profiles to the next level. You’ll achieve more than the essential minimum of having a Facebook or Twitter profile.

If we’re stating that having a Facebook or Twitter account is a step towards the proper direction, improving your credibility, consider how implementing a strategic and robust Social media management services strategy could build your credibility and your online presence.

  • Attract A Targeted Audience

The keywords are specifically targeted! We’ve said that billions of people are on social media and that many have at least eight accounts. You must filter through the masses of people online to identify your intended audience, as it isn’t a good idea to have followers from anyone! You’re after prospective customers! How can you do this? It starts by choosing the best social media platforms to suit your needs.

The social network platform you choose is unique and thus attracts different types of users. For example, Facebook’s customers are relatively evenly divided between males and females, and Pinterest is more popular with women. Therefore, you’ll need to determine the person you want to be your ideal customer. Then you can examine the advantages of various websites for social networking to figure out which ones will serve you most.

Which platform is most popular with your ideal audience? When you’ve identified those social platforms you wish to make use of, you can choose to use additional targeting options offered by each forum. You can sort through a platform’s user base and narrow your search based on characteristics, demographics, interests, and much more. It can help ensure that the posts are getting the right people’s attention.

  • Social Media Management Can Help Your SEO Rankings

Do you remember? earlier we mentioned that marketing via social media services is best when they complement your other marketing options and reverse. Here is the best illustration of the latter. SEO is the method of ensuring that your site will be more prominent in search engines such as Google. For instance, if your site offers muffins and other baked goods in Blue Ridge, Georgia, you’d like your website to rank as the first result when someone types “muffin shop Blue Ridge, GA” on Google; does it not? SEO is the method that helps you achieve that, and you can read how to use SEO here.

What is social media marketing got to do with SEO? There are numerous rank factors Google examines when deciding which sites to rank top, including social media being just one of them. The more backlinks you get to your website through social media, from people posting content on your site and discussing your company, the greater significance Google gives your site.

What exactly is a backlink? A backlink is a hyperlink from another site that points back to your site, and backlinks are crucial to Google. When you’re working on an effective social media plan to take advantage of the benefits of social media that we’ve discussed here, you may help your SEO efforts.

Why Choose ViseTech For Your Social Media Management Services

Many small and medium-sized business owners opt to work with experts because social media management isn’t an easy task. It requires a lot of focus and patience to master. At ViseTech, we cater to your needs, no matter the industry you work in, the size of your company, or your budget.

We want to impart to our clients the benefits of understanding the specifics of every process, based on nearly two decades of Social media management service experience. The lookup in search of “social media management near me” is done. Let our experts control and steer all your accounts on social media to the desired outcomes with a data-driven approach.

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How Much Does Social Media Management Cost?

On average, businesses spend between $4000 and $7000 per month managing social media. The process includes establishing and managing effective social media advertising, a marketing plan, the cost of advertising, and subscriptions to tools.

Based on the nature of your business depending on your business, you could incur more or less the social media administration cost. However, it is possible to use this price range to determine an appropriate amount for social media advertising and marketing strategy.

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